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Eugene   Mago - Hungary
(In hungarian: Jeno Mago)
Age: 61
     I'm an information specialist from Hungary. I live on Erd, near Budapest. When I was a child, the guitar-group's of the sixties had a great impact on me with their new and strange sounds, - of course especially The Shadows, Spotnicks and the Ventures. At that time I played on the guitar for a while in an amateur Shadows band (The Wanderers). Then for about 40 years I did not play the guitar anymore, only at http://www.ryszardy.pl, very rarely. I obtained some backing tracks last year, (eternal gratitude for Goran Tangring!) and I play a lot on the guitar again since then, with great pleasure. Unfortunately, I am not a learned musician, I do not know the sheet music, I play songs by ear. For my friends, who listen to my play with pleasure, I enclosed on YouTube some videos. But I would be very happy if I could please others also with them.
Guitar  Fender American Vintage '70s Stratocaster, Squier by Fender Japanese strat
Effect  Alesis Quadraverb Q2 with EFTP
Ampli  Marschall MG30 DFX
Studio  BOSS BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio
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